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Selling Your Aircraft
Do you need Help in Today's Market?

Aircraft Sales

If your Aircraft is priced Correctly You may be able to handle the sale on your own.

But Should You?

Things For You to Consider

Do you really know the market and what your aircraft is worth?

Some Clients Can Sell Their Aircraft on their own

Make Sure You Understand the sale process and have a plan for your crew during the sale of the aircraft.

Who is going to manage the transaction for you?
The first thing that every owner says is that his Pilot will handle the sale.  That may be fine if you are upgrading to a new aircraft but don't expect a pilot to stick around once he gets wind you are selling your aircraft.  The job market is too good. 
Do you Know what is Reasonable and Customary for Transaction Terms ?
Many brokers are skeptical of owners or flight departments selling their own aircraft.  This is because often times they may have other competing priorities that can draw out a transaction.
If you are not getting a replacement aircraft what are you doing for your pilots?
If the pilots know the aircraft is being sold then they are going to be looking for their next employer.  You need a detailed transition plan for this period or you risk having a multi-million dollar asset relying on contract crew or worse, no crew available.
Have You Considered An OFF MARKET LISTING instead. 
Often times its in the owners interest to keep their intentions close to their vest.  Once you go public with your intent to sell, your flight operation can unravel.  Talk to us before this.  We can often handle the sale as an off market listing especially for a sought after aircraft.

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