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Ongoing Monitoring Program

The initial Audit is only the start.

our Monitoring clients Get access to An Experience Aircraft Manager

Our Monitoring Service Includes 2 hours of Professional Services Per Quarter.  Example Questions:

Ongoing Invoice Monitoring

By Selecting Ongoing Monitoring, you get the peace of mind knowing that your invoices will be scrutinized by experts. Since the management company knows an aviaion expert is reviewing your invoices they often do a more thorough job in reviewing it before it is sent. Recurring invoice monitoring gives you a better management experience.

IMpartial advice

Clients often want to ask quick questions in order to verify what their Aircraft Manager is advising them to do. We include a few hours of professional services so you can pick up the phone and get an impartial answer from a person who has been there.

Ongoing Monitoring - Frequently asked questions

Let us know if you have any additional questions. We are happy to set up a complimentary conference call to discuss.

How do you charge for this service? Is it commission based?
We charge a flat fee per quarter for this service. This fee covers our Invoice Review and 2 hours of professional services for the Quarter. The time may not be banked, and must be used in that quarter. There is no comission componenet to this audit.
How are the audits conducted?
There is typically an initial invoice review when the monthly invoice package is received to look for common errors.  Then another quarterly Audit is conducted by reviewing the 3 months of invoices at the same time.   Since charges for a trip may be delayed to later month, this process allows us to be more accurate in auditing the invoices.  For some situations, we alter this process if required.

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