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We Save Aircraft Owners Money

We look after Owners Aircraft Operation by Identifying Savings and by being an Advocate for What will preserve the Aircraft's Value.

Invoice review services

We review and audit your aircraft invoices for accuracy and compliance with your  management agreements terms and conditions. 

We often discover 10's and sometimes 100's of thousands of dollars in discrepancies/savings. 

acquisition services

Any aircraft Broker can find you an aircraft.  Our service doesn't stop there. 

We help you select a management company and also follows up months later to audit how they are doing.  We stay with you during the entire process!

Ongoing Invoice Monitoring

Ongoing Invoice Monitoring is a more comprehensive solution to lowering your costs.  The fact that an aviation expert is reviewing your monthly invoices often gives you a more accurate and better overall management experience.
for existing aircraft owners

our invoice review service provides peace of mind And Savings

We have saved clients tens and even hundreds of thousands of Dollars.  Management companies often grow too fast or just confuse an invoice from one aircraft to another. 
for prospective aircraft owners

we Don't Disappear after the Purchase

There are literally hundreds of aircraft brokers that can help you find an aircraft.  We do more. 

We Find You A Great Airplane, Help Select A Management Company, then Check Back on your Management Company after a Few Months to Make Sure Everything is OK.

finding the right aircraft

This is a sellers market.  A buyer needs to know what type and pedigree of aircraft they are looking for.  Then they must act fast to secure it. 

the prebuy

You should always pay to have a detailed pre-buy completed as part of the aircraft acquisition.  Many buyers are choosing to skip this step in order to get the aircraft they want and take the risk.  Understand the risks before you do this!  

market intelligence

Once the type of aircraft is identified then searching for the best option takes persistence and a little patience.  

Post purchase modifications

You often want to get a few things done after  you purchase an aircraft.  Planning this out with your new management company will help streamline the process.

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