Jet Auditors – Monthly Financial Review Service

Jet Auditors is an aviation specific, financial consulting firm, specializing in reviewing Aircraft Expenses to verify charges, review for reasonableness & identify ways to reduce costs.  We are experienced aircraft operators and aircraft brokers who saw some aircraft owners having a bad experience due to unexpectedly high costs, often resulting from small errors or even well intended decisions regarding the management of their aircraft.

The Jet Auditors program was developed to provide an experienced aviation professional to review your aircraft’s costs, and also provide you with an experienced independent aviation manager to consult regarding the proper use of your asset.  For example, how many hours of charter should I fly a year?  Should I do this upgrade?  Is the upgrade worth the cost when it comes time to sell the aircraft? Is this a reasonable price for insurance, training or any of a whole mix of items?

“We make sure you don’t spend more than you have to on your Private Travel”

Private aviation is a fantastic business & personal tool that maximizes the use of your time. We want you to have a positive aircraft ownership experience, so that you will want to continue using private aircraft in the future. Private aviation is expensive – but with our program we make sure it’s not more expensive than it needs to be.  Our costs are reasonable – but our impact to your bottom line could be significant.

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You use Metrics to Run Your Business,  Do you use Metrics to manage your Airplane?


We bring Clarity to Aircraft Cost