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Aviation Advice You Can Rely On

Whether you already own an aircraft or your considering purchasing one we make sure you do not pay more than you need to.

Invoice Review Services

Management companies are a good way to operate your aircraft but mistakes are often made.  Have an expert review your management invoices or your flight departments expenses to identify way to reduce costs.

Can I Travel Privately

Let us analyze your travel and suggest a custom private travel solution for you.  Whether its which aircraft to purchase or is fractional or charter better for me?..we can give you an impartial analysis.  

Aircraft Cost Review

Whether your a Part 91 operator or your aircraft is managed by a management company we can help identify areas to reduce costs.

Owners Representative

Charter companies want to use your aircraft when you are not…we can determine which trips to approve or decline based on preserving the value of your asset.

Management Company Selection

As former aircraft managers we can help you make sense of the different management company proposals and select the best one for your needs.

What we Do

We Reduce Private Travel Costs

Management Company Invoice Review

Private Aviation is expensive and complex.  Management invoices are tough to read even for industry professionals.  We not only review your aircrafts invoices but we also crosscheck them to your existing management contract. 

Aircraft Cost Review

Private Travel and Owning your own Aircraft is expensive.  Whether you are a Part 91 operator or under a Management company we can make sure you not spending more than you need to on private aircraft.  

Travel Review

Is Private Aviation Right for you?  If So what is the right aviation mix?  (Charter, Jet Card, Ownership…)

Management Company Selection

Congratulations your broker just got you a great deal on your first private jet!  Now how do you get it up and flying?   We can help with management company selection and getting you up and running. 

Things To Consider

Cost Saving Questions?  

Where are you Making Your Tech Stops?

When you have to stop for fuel or customs clearance consider the cost of fuel and amenaties at the location you choose. 

Engine Programs Y/N?

I will just pay when my engine comes due for overhaul..this may cost your significantly!

Can I Fly Free if I Charter My Jet?

The answer to this is a resounding no.  Yes you can offset some of your fixed costs and there may be some tax advantages for you but be reasonable with your charter goals.  

How Should I Pick My Management Company?

Each Client is different but we help you identify the key criteria for aircraft management companies and compare proposals for your review and decision. 

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