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Private Aircraft
Invoice Review Services

Aircraft Manager oversight

A typical aircraft management company processes thousands of Transaction each month

Even the Best Aircraft Management
Companies Make Mistakes

Unfortunately Each Mistake is Often Thousands or Tens of Thousands of Dollars

review your management invoices

We review your previous management invoices and review them for errors that may be able to identify savings and result in a credit or refund. 

what does this cost?

We require a small retainer up front and then our ultimate fee is scaled based on the value of the discrepancies that we identify. Contact us for the details. 

Frequently asked questions

Let us know if you have any additional questions. We are happy to set up a complimentary conference call to discuss.

Do You Interact With the Management Company?
Most engagements, yes we do.  If you do want to handle the interaction and have us just work behind the scenes we have done that for clients as well.  The management company does not need to know they are being Audited if you do not want them to.
What kinds of things do you find?
Most things that we find are honest mistakes.  For example a charge that was charged to one aircraft but was for another.  Occasionally we find management companies violating the agreed terms of their management agreements.
How are the audits conducted?
The standard Audit is accomplished remotely and results in questions for the management company.  An overview of the process is detailed below in the "How It Works" Section.
Invoice Review Overview

How it Works

We have a streamlined process for reviewing your errors and making sure you do not pay more than you need to. 

Kickoff Meeting

Once an engagement letter is signed we have an introductory meeting where we ask some specifc questions to understand details about your aircraft and the management company.

Past Invoices Sent to Jet Auditors

We will send you a secure link to upload all your previous management company invoices and mangement agreement for us to review.

Initial Review is Scheduled

Once we receive the invoices we will begin initial review of both the management agreement and the management invocies.

Questions & Discrepancies are Compiled

After the initial reveiw is completed then we compile a list of questions and requests for additional documents for the management company.

Review of Preliminary Findings with Owners Team

Once we receive the answers to our quesitons we compile a list of discrepancies that we share with our Client. 

Discrepancies Sent to Management Company

Once we identify the discrepancies, either we can take them to the Management company or the Client can handle the discussion directly.  Most clients allow us to handle this phase but it depends on what type of engagement is selected in the start of the process.

Review Management Company Response

If appropriate we will interact with any questions the management company has about the discrepancies and arrange for credits to be given to the client.

Review Meeting with Recomendations

Once the past invoice review is complete we meet with the client to make recommendations about next steps on what findings we uncovered. 

Contact Jet Auditors

Please fill out your contact information and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions.