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Aircraft Search
More than Finding the Right Aircraft

for prospective aircraft owners

we Don't Disappear after the Purchase

There are literally hundreds of aircraft brokers that can help you find an aircraft.  We do more.  We help get you started flying then come back and check on the process.

finding the right aircraft

This is a sellers market.  A buyer needs to know what type and pedigree of aircraft they are looking for.  Then they must act fast to secure it. 

the prebuy

You should always pay to have a detailed pre-buy completed as part of the aircraft acquisition.  Many buyers are choosing to skip this step in order to get the aircraft they want and take the risk.  Understand the risks before you to this!  

market intelligence

Once the type of aircraft is identified then searching for the best options may take a little patience.  

Post purchase modifications

You often want to get a few things done after  you purchase an aircraft.  Planning this out with your new management company will help streamline the process.
Aircraft acquisitions

Partner with someone who is going
To Stick Around

We don't just help you find a plane.  We help you find someone to manage it, get you up and running, and follow up.

Things For You to Consider

Many brokers just introduce you to a management company which they may be getting a commission from.

We not only find the right aircraft but also help you find the right management solution and help you during the entire process.

We don't take commissions from management companies for placing any aircraft.

How are you different?
We are not your aircraft broker.  We are your partner in not only finding a suitable aircraft but also getting that aircraft operational with your chosen management company.  That means that we are not only going to help you find your aircraft.  We are going to help you get up and running.
Do you provide any additional services ?
Yes.  After you have been flying your aircraft with you new management company we are happy to review their invoices.  Since you are a brokerage customer then we will waive the initial Retainer for the service.  This way we make sure the management company is doing what it promised to do.
Why Do many other brokers not offer this service?
We are not only aircraft management experts but we are also experienced acquisition experts.  We have both skill sets which is not common in the industry. 
Aircraft acquisition

How it Works

We have a streamlined process for helping you acquire an aircraft that meets your needs.

Needs Assesment

Initial Kickoff Meeting
We meet with each client to identify what aircraft is required and if the client needs any help confirming the type of aircraft that is needed. 

Market Analysis

We complete a worldwide search for the aircraft for the client and create a list of potential options.  

Making Offers

Once a prioritized list of aircraft is identified we make offers on your behalf with the aircraft you have chosen.

contract Coordination

Once a letter of intent is signed we work with your legal team to get a contract agreed to and signed.

Pre Purchase Inspection

We will work on your behalf to hire a third party repair station to conduct the agreed to prepurchase inspection. 

Management Company Selection

We help you compare the different managment solutions for your new aircraft for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Closing Support & Aircraft Delivery

We work with the legal team to support the closing and then turn over your aircraft  to your selected management company.

Management Company Audit

4-6 Months after you take possession of your aircraft we review how the operation is going and audit your invoices and compare them to your management agreement. 

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