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We are Aircraft Owner Advocates

We are Experienced Aircraft Managers Who work not only to lower your aircraft cost but also to maximizing the asset value of your aircraft with proper aircraft management oversight.
Aircraft Management Conflict of Interests

Our Services Help Existing Aircraft Owners in Two Primary Areas

Our Audits Help Lower Your Financial Costs & Our Owner Advocacy Service Reduces the Time you Needs to Spend Overseeing Your Aircraft Operation.

Invoice review services

Jet Auditors Invoice Review Program provides aircraft owners with peace of mind that their aircraft expenses have been reviewed by an experienced aviation professional.  Since Aviation is so specialized, we identify errors that a non aviation auditor would likely never catch.  

aircraft owner advocate

We provide extra oversight to the management of your aircraft and help to ensure that the decisions around the management of your aircraft are in your best interest and not the management companies. 

Founder Jeff Reid

Mr Reid has more than 30 years of experience in Aviation.  He has worked for leading management companies and helped countless clients buy and sell their aircraft. 

After working at numerous large Aircraft Management companies Mr. Reid took over a struggling aircraft management company in Houston Texas and built it to the the largest aircraft management company and charter company in the central Unites States.  As CEO, he grew the company by personally finding his clients the right aircraft and helping him sell their previous aircraft.

Jeff now represents aircraft owners by acting as their Aircraft Management Advocate.  His services start with simply reviewing invoices for accuracy and can move to be as complex as being a dedicated Owner Advocate overseeing the management of their aircraft.   As an Owner Advocate Jeff ensures decisions are made in his clients best interest. 

Jeff Reid

In addition to owning his own firm Jeff has worked in aviation with the following companies.

CEO Wing Aviation
Chief Commercial Officer Skyservice
EVP Million Air Charter
VP Executive Jet Management/NETJETS
Program Manager General Electric Aircraft Engines
Air Force Officer

BS United States Air Force Academy
MS Troy State University

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