Jet Auditors – Monthly Audit Service Refund Policy

Payment for Services is paid up front and charged monthly thereafter.

Jet Auditors is committed to having satisfied customers.  We work hard to meet our customers needs and most of the time we are successful at that endeavor.  If you, the client, are ever unsatisfied with our services we want and expect for you to tell us immediately.  We can’t fix something if we do not know it’s is broken.  If you communicate your complaint and intent to cancel within 2 weeks of receiving our audit report then we may try and rework those review services (if we think we can satisfy your critiques) or just choose to cancel your account.  If we do rework the invoices and our rework does not satisfy you then we will refund that months charges and cancel your account.

Start Up Fees:  We spend a lot of time and effort bringing new clients on board and startup fees are not refunded unless the service is cancelled within two weeks of receipt of the first audit report.  You should know after receiving our first report if this service is for you or not.   After the first audit report, start up fees will not be refunded for any reason. 

There will be no refunds for that month if more than 15 days have passed from the client being sent the report.

Clients may cancel the service at anytime before the monthly billing date by logging into their account or calling us.  Once cancelled, Jet Auditors will complete that months review and will not bill for audit services unless the client signs up again.  Jet Auditors also has the right to cancel any account at anytime for any reason and either complete that months report or cancel immediately and refund the clients money for that month.