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Invoice Review

Even the best management companies make mistakes. 

We help catch the errors and save you money.


Invoice Review

Jet Auditors invoice review provides aircraft owners with peace of mind that their aircraft expenses have been reviewed by experienced aviation professionals.


How does the Invoice Review Program Work?

We have an initial exploratory conference call to find out about your aircraft and flight operation.  Once we understand what you have then we provide you with a simple engagement letter to get us started reviewing your past invoices. 


What benefit can an aircraft owner get out of this type of audit?

We cannot promise that we will find anything but we often do.  We look for errors and common mistakes that we have seen from management companies.  We come up with a list of questions for your management company and depending on their responses we identify any discrepancies that often result in credits or refunds.   We have saved customers 10’s of thousands and some even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

How much does an audit cost?

The audit price depends on how long you have owned your aircraft and the amount of invoices that we need to review.  We usually have a small retainer fee upfront and then a percentage of the value of discrepancies that we identify. 



“We work either directly with your management company or confidentially behind the scenes…”

How Can We Help You Lower Your Flying Expenses? 

  • Fuel Costs 34% 34%
  • Maintenance Expense 23% 23%
  • Crew Expenses 22% 22%
  • Misc Expenses 11% 11%


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