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Aircraft Management Company Selection

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Aircraft Management

Why do I need help selecting a Management Company?

What is Aircraft Management?

Individuals and companies who own an aircraft should really consider having a professional company manage their aircraft.  A good management company should be able to provide services to maintain, fly and operate your aircraft.  An aircraft is a specialized asset that, if not maintained or managed properly could greatly reduce the value of your aircraft.  

Management companies should also help you to run a safer operation than if you tried to operate on your own.  They should have a safety management system in place that mitigates risk for you and your passengers.  Even if you have an experienced flight department a charter management relationship can often leverage the larger fleets volume pricing and reduce your costs and have extra resources to augment your flight department.  



Helping to Select or Review an Aircraft Management Company

Management Company Review/Selection Services

Selecting a management company is an important step in ensuring that the aircraft that you own or lease is taken care of appropriately.  It is always preferable to have an experienced aircraft manager act as an impartial party to advise you during the selection process.  There are many different types of management companies and there are also different fees and costs.  Making sure you know what the management company can provide and i the proposed cost is reasonable is very important.

The people at Jet Auditors are experienced aircraft managers & we know what it takes to properly manage an aircraft and what it should cost.  We can help you to understand the complex management agreements and help you to better negotiate terms that are favorable to you, the aircraft owner.

If you are a new aircraft owner, or are currently with a management company and you are not happy with them, you may use our services to review or re-compete your business. We have the experience to help you find and negotiate a deal that is suitable for you and with a management company that meets your needs. We work for you, the aircraft owner, and our goal is to ensure that your aircraft and assets are well take care of.  This is just another service that we offer in lowering your aircraft ownership costs.

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Selecting a management company is not all about beating a vendor up over price.  If your vendor can’t make money then the services that you receive will suffer and you are more likely to end up with someone improperly caring or you Aircraft.   Selecting a management company is more about matching your needs to a companies strength, at a fair price. It is also critical that the owner understands the costs…specifically what costs are passed through and what are not.