Aircraft Expenses Invoice Review Services

Jet Auditors is a full service aviation consulting firm providing aircraft owners with peace of mind that their aircraft expenses are being reviewed by experienced aviation professionals for reasonableness and accuracy.  All of this is to ensure that your private travel is not costing more than it needs to.

Aviation has its own language and most accounting groups don’t have the internal aviation expertise to confidently review aircraft expenses for reasonableness.  We help augment your internal accounting department with the aviation experience that they need.  We also are a resource for them to ask aviation related questions that may come up from time to time.

There are many different types of expenses that are involved in operating aircraft.  Our services monitor many things including ongoing expenses. These expenses can be significant and we try and ensure that you are not getting improperly charged. Depending on the tier of service, our processes look at: fuel costs, training expenses, engine programs and many more to ensure they are in line with industry norms.

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