Our Flagship Audit Program begin with a detailed on-boarding process which allows us to get used to your specific operation and integrate our audit program with your specific organization.  The on-boarding process is a one time event where we audit your aircraft's current management agreements, aircraft usage and get to know your team.  We also take your most recent invoice and incorporate that into the on-boarding process. 

Flagship Audit Program

Detailed Invoice Review

Invoice Review Items

  • Fuel Invoice Review & Flight Log Crosscheck
  • Review costs for Reasonableness
  • Compare Invoice to Management Agreement
  • Quarterly Account Reviews
  • Up to 1 hour per month of Clarifications with Client or Management company
  • Periodic Spot Check high dollar part costs.
  • Random checks to ensure Management company is paying Service Providers, Maintenance ETC. 
  • Periodic Lien Checks
  • Direct Coordination with Service Provider
  • Quarterly Aircraft Value Trends
  • Random Invoice Verification to Source Document
  • Quarterly Metrics Review included in Account Review

$5995 / month

Limited Time Price

$10,000 One Time Sign up Fee for On-Boarding & Research - Price Varies depending on scope 

On-Boarding Process

We have a detailed On-Boarding process that allows us to both examine and review your aircraft and the specific operations that you use the aircraft for.  We review your agreements and summarize them so that we can ensure that we are auditing to your contract with your management company or service provider.  If travel is required additional fees may be charged including travel, travel charges are passed through at cost with a daily per diem added.  Onboarding is a one time fee and we include reviewing agreements and several other one time checks for your aircraft.