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Aircraft Acquisitions

We Hold Your Hand Through The Entire Purchase & Help Get Your Aircraft Flying
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Aircraft Acquisition – Much more than an aircraft purchase. 

Why Choose Us?

Brokers get paid when the aircraft purchase closes and they move on to the next transaction.  We do more!

We help clients buy aircraft because we have seen so many acquisitions done poorly.  We offer our clients a process that buys the aircraft and also helps them choose a management company, find a hangar, and otherwise get their aircraft flying. 

If we help you buy an aircraft we include 20 hours of consulting services helping you select a a management company or other services to get your aircraft flying. 

We can also help internal flight departments get employees and other time saving services.  We are not only experienced brokers but our founder managed and ran the largest 135 charter operation in Texas. We not only know the purchase side we know the operations side as well. 

If you are refereed to us by another broker then we respect that relationship and work with them to get your aircraft operational as soon as possible. 



We don’t just buy your aircraft and walk away.

Setting your flight department up is as important as buying the right aircraft.

Have an Expert Walk You through the Process & Allow Yourself to Enjoy the Aircraft


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