Our Story

Jet Auditors – Your Private Aircraft Advocates

Jet Auditors was started by Jeff Reid, an aviation industry professional with extensive experience in aircraft management, aircraft charter, and aircraft brokerage.  He has taken many clients through the process of acquiring and managing their aircraft, but he found that some of them had negative aircraft ownership experiences due to high operational costs.  There were no experienced impartial advocates to watch over the expenses of their aircraft & safeguard the assets value once the aircraft purchase transaction was complete.   The idea for Jet Auditors was born!

The Jet Auditors concept is to have an experienced aviation professional who can be an impartial consultant to the aircraft owner after the purchase.  Jet Auditors can use its experience in order advise the aircraft owner on decisions with the goal of maximize the aircraft’s residual value, and to provide another set of eyes on aircraft managers invoicing.  This service does two things- first, it helps keep the aircraft management company on their toes — just knowing an experienced aviation professional is looking will help you get a better product.  The second advantage is it gives the owner access to an experienced independent aviation manager when decisions are contemplated about the use of the aircraft.

There are errors in invoicing in any industry but there are very few industries where just small errors can add up to a “material difference” sometimes ranging in the 10’s of thousands of dollars in cost.  One part mis-charged to the wrong aircraft could cost $40,000 or more.  We assist in reviewing these costs & expenses and mitigate the risk of mis-charges and other things from happening.

Our founder has worked for and run several large aircraft management companies.  He has the experience to guide clients and ensure that they are managing their aircraft costs in a reasonable way.  He has used that experience to set up a proprietary auditing program that is designed to ensure that an aircraft owner does not pay more than they need to for their aircraft’s operation.  If you are interested in these services please contact us to set up a short conference call to go over the details with you and your team.