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Aircraft Search

Jet Auditors helps clients make better decisions about their aircraft.  We can even help you decide what type of private ownership is the best for you if you are not sure.

Entire Purchase Process

For our Acquisition Clients, we are with you through the process of getting your aircraft flying not just purchasing it.


We have managed, bought sold and operated private jets.  We know the aviation business.  


We understand the importance of discretion.  Our services are between us and our client.

Current Aircraft Owners

We know the many different types of management agreements and can review your invoices to make sure you are only paying for what you should be.  Your agreement and costs should be transparent.

Who We Are

‘We Are Experienced Aircraft Operators, Managers and Brokers

We have experience in aircraft management, operations, aircraft brokerage and fractional/charter programs.  We help clients make better aviation decisions.  Whether its selecting a management company, deciding what aircraft to buy or even deciding if you should buy an aircraft or use charter/fractional services.  We can help you make a more informed decision. 

If you use Jet Auditors as your consultant to purchase an aircraft then we can be with you through the entire process.  We will help you find a great aircraft, select a management company and even review your management invoices.  We don’t just disappear when the aircraft closes.

Our founder is Jeff Reid, an experienced aviation executive who has been on the business side of Aviation for his entire career.  Jeff has run or worked for several aircraft management and fractional companies including Wing Aviation, GE Aviation, Millionair, Executive Jet Management – Netjets management arm and is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy.  He is an experienced aircraft manager, broker and is very familiar with charter and fractional services having been in charge of Netjets supplemental lift program.

If you need someone to help you review your private travel options, find or review a management company or give impartial advice on what private travel solutions to use then Jeff and Jet Auditors should be your first call.  If we can’t help then we probably know someone who will.